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What you will find herein is as honest of an account and as much of my thoughts feelings dismay and hopes as I can muster to display in my native language.

It is my heart that I be as transparent and real as possible in hopes to edify relate to or encourage any single person, and hopefully inspire a spirit of Love and Vulnerability to the extent that Jesus Christ has shown us.

■ http://ianknows.tumblr.com/post/83433114705/there-is-a-sound-louder-than-a-whisper-but


There is a sound, louder than a whisper, but slightly quieter than a low hum; a sound so subtle, one could, with good merit, argue the validity of its existence entirely, yet so distinct, and so constant, it could easily make the lifespan of a single person look like a small, stray speck of ink on…

❝ God! I need grace bigger than my mouth! I need mercy that resounds ten thousand times as loud. I need redemption that rings clearer than my distortion.
I need you. ❞

— Levi Macallister (via anthrop)


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