And I’m sixteen again, taking shots of liquor out of the kitchen cabinet—only I’m twenty two, and it’s eight am, and I’m just trying to sleep—not feel something “different”.

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Just For Pressing ‘Send’
Hey Fighters, guess what? Like it or not, a lot of people out there want to see you naked.
And that’s not cool.
For a lot of reasons.
According to statistics, 20% of today’s teenagers are involved in sending and receiving nude pictures or other explicit messages through the use of those nifty little cellular devices that we’re all constantly glued to.
Is there any way to stop this madness?
Well, there just might be.
And in a pretty comical way.
(LOL = laugh out loud).
Send This Instead is a new app now available in the iTunes store that provides witty little graphics to use in response to those pesky sext inquiries.  For example, imagine you are chilling on your couch at night, watching the latest episode of your favorite show and a text message arrives on your phone. Turns out it’s from a not-so-secret admirer who wants you to send them some pictures of yourself. 
Minus your clothes. 
Thanks to Send This Instead, here’s some images from the app that you can send back:

Pretty funny stuff, huh?
We thought so too.
But all joking aside, sexting really has become a major problem in today’s world of smart phones and the internet.
The reason? Sexting has become a form of pornography. And in many cases, child pornography. That’s right, by law, any minors (a person under 18) who are caught sending, possessing, or distributing nude pictures, can face major consequences like being registered as a sex offender or even be sent to jail for child pornography.
Those are some serious, life-changing punishments for a split second of pressing that “send” button.
Also, what about those pictures that you send out? You might think they’re safe in the receiver’s hands, but a shocking amount of those receivers share your private pictures with their friends.
We recently had an experience that showed just how big of an issue this has become. As you know, Fight the New Drug tours high schools all across the country to give presentations in assemblies. After talking to the principal at one high school we visited, we learned that a group of girls from the school had recently been forced to transfer because of a sexting situation that had gotten out of hand. The images they sent were spread to numerous people and even posted on Twitter, causing a huge situation for the school and its students.
A seemingly small thing like sending a picture can turn really big, really fast in our digital day and age.
Which leads us to a huge phenomenon happening on the internet right now that is really, really not cool.
It’s now infamously known as “revenge porn”. 
Revenge porn web sites are just like other porn sites, except for one scary twist: the pictures are of regular everyday people who once sent naked or sexually explicit pictures/videos of themselves to someone they trusted, only to later have those images posted online for all to see.
For example, one victim of revenge porn was a girl who sent naked pictures of herself to her boyfriend. Several months and a bad breakup later, the boyfriend decided to get his ex-girlfriend back by posting those pictures on revenge porn web sites.
Remember, just because you break up with someone, doesn’t mean those images are magically erased from being saved on their phone.
And the scary part is, a lot victims of revenge porn don’t even know their pictures have been put online. 
And once these kinds of pictures are out there, they’re almost always out there forever. It is extremely difficult to completely remove images from something as viral and as ever-changing as the internet.
So, the next time you’re in a situation where this dangerous exchange of images is about to go down, remember how pressing that send button can never be taken back. Sexting is a gateway to a much more serious world of pornography that can end up seriously affecting the lives of real people.
Bottom line: Sending or receiving naked/sexual pictures and videos is never a smart idea.
Be smart and don’t do it.
Basically, just be like this Fighter who sent us a message a few weeks ago with this text screenshot attached:

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Why do I strive to keep with people who do not care to stay in my life is it because I care about them or oh wait that might…

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For many Muslim Americans, 9/11 was a double punch of tragedy and bigotry

The actions of 19 Islamic extremists on 9/11 left an indelible mark on America. Today, millions pause to commemorate the attacks’ 13th anniversary, to honor the victims and to remember that all life is special and sacred. But there’s an untold story amid the many speeches and moments of silence — one filled with a different kind of pain, grief and strong sense of loss. 

Those stories are now being told on social media

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"I want my father back, you son of a bitch"

"And for a moment, he was alive. And my fairy tale came true."

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And it is in those moments of utter insecurity one wishes so terribly that they had just that one person that would emulate the love of Christ in such a tender and human way, yet the realization of that person not being there, or worse more than likely the seemingly nonexistent tenacity. Any single person in the past is as much undeniable proof of the incapability of any single person to relay such a supernatural necessity for validation. Dissuading any possible endeavor towards such attempts as the embodiment of pity.

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I am striving after and falling for Christ, my heart is in His hands for a reason.

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It is either too soon or too late, and I have been wondering if we ever truly realize anything as it happens or if we are stuck wondering why after the fact or beforehand as we anticipate.

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Me irl.

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It’s Monday September 8th at four thirty nine a.m. I exit the parking lot with the rain covering my windshield from the light drizzle that has been peppering the cement since earlier this morning. The pavement is finally saturated, and as accelerate down the road I pull into the middle of industrial parkway and place my car into park flicking on my emergency lights to correct the speech to text errors from the prior sentences. I notice the guard rail I fishtailed into that early morning now several months back in the peripheral of my headlights glow to my right, the pavement was dry then, but my mind was muddy. Is it still, or is there more clarity? I’m at a loss for words. I’ll continue my drive home.

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Jennifer Lawrence Is NOT A Porn Star. Don’t Make Her One.
In anticipation for writing this article, we searched “Jennifer Lawrence” on Twitter. Unfortunately, J-Law doesn’t have an account on the Twitterverse that we’re sure would provide many laughs and insights.
However, that’s not what’s sad about this story. 
When you type in “Jennifer Lawrence” into the search bar on Twitter, three suggestions pop up:
Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence leaked photosJennifer Lawrence leaked you’re welcome
Now, in case you’re a little bit late on this big news scandal, the internet is currently in the middle of a big issue that has come to be known as “CelebGate”. A few days ago, hackers released nude photos of over 100 different actresses and musicians after infiltrating their iCloud accounts and stealing photos from the celebrities’ personal devices. The pictures had never been sent to anyone but were personal photos that were hacked and taken straight from their phones and computers. Even worse, a lot of these photos were ones that had been deleted for years but that the hackers dug up through the iCloud storage server. 
Not cool. 
(Note that we don’t use the word “leaked photos” in this post. That’s because the term “leaked” is a soft, misleading word that implies that these photos somehow found their way onto the internet by the celebrity or someone close to them. Not the truth. These photos were illegally hacked and stolen, unknowingly to those violated). Like we said: not cool. 
So now, instead of popular keyword searches like Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games or Jennifer Lawrence red carpet fall being suggested on search engines, the internet has recently reduced the talent and beauty of actresses and musicians like Jennifer Lawrence to a collection of illegally hacked photos. 
This huge issue has generated mixed opinions from the public. Some people, like us, are sympathizing with the violated stars and are advocating not to promote any of these photos.
Others are judgmental and saying that if the women hadn’t taken these photos in the first place, that they wouldn’t be in this position.
And others are searching the images, looking at them, talking about them, and contributing to their popularity and spread on the internet.
This blog post is for the latter two groups. 
First, who are we to say people can’t take pictures of themselves and keep them on their own phone? (We are betting there is probably one or two embarrassing selfies currently on your phone that you wouldn’t want people to see). Should anyone have to worry that their own personal photos are going to be hacked and stolen and then posted on the web for all to see? No! Of course not.
Second, what’s the difference between a person on a computer looking at hacked celebrity photos and a creeper sitting in their car, watching a woman get undressed through her window? In both cases, the woman doesn’t want anybody looking and is doing something that was meant to be private. The only difference is the convenience of seeing it. In this case, somebody has made this violation easier by stealing the pictures and putting them on the internet. However, the result is the same: whoever looks is a creeper that’s violating these women.
We are living in a society of porn culture, where the popular media sexualizes almost everything and the objectification of the human body is a common occurrence. Well, these photos are the most prime example of this that we have seen in a long time. Not only do people spend their time and energy hacking for nude photos of celebrities, but when they come to the surface, society is thrown into a frenzy and the material is greedily consumed.
Terry Crews, (the big, bald, muscle guy from all the Old Spice commercials) tweeted the same thing just a couple days ago. Crews, who follows Fight the New Drug on Instagram and Twitter, has been outspoken about pornography and its harmful effects during his career. Check out what he had to say:

The images of all the celebrities affected in this problem are now being used as pornographic material all over the world and those violated can do nothing about it. 
Just as porn fuels the demand for prostitution, sex trafficking, rape, and child exploitation, clicking on the stolen photos of these celebrities violates their rights and freedoms as human beings.
So be strong. Be cool. Be informed. You wouldn’t want someone staring into your windows at night or stealing your phone and posting all your pictures online. So don’t support it when it happens to other people. 
People are people. Not parts. Take some action and show your support of NOT supporting this violation by sharing this article/image and using the hashtag #HateCelebGate!
Click to Tweet This : Jennifer Lawrence is NOT a porn star. Don’t treat her like one. Hacked photos aren’t cool. #HateCelebGate #CelebGate 
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