❝ I lost myself inside these musical notes
The melody swells and takes me home
I’ll never be alone
I will always find rest
Simple and free ‘til I’m dead ❞

— "Simple and Free" ~ Vocal Few (via adventureroftimeandspace)

People validate their actions by condescending beliefs they believe don’t matter from a God they don’t think exists and that speaks volumes “O ye of little faith.”

Contemplating the emotional and psychological repercussions that the occurrences of the summer of my two thousand ten graduating year may have on a small child. Praying that he doesn’t grow to accommodate such ignorance, and that he remembers the mother who allowed us to sleep in her child’s own bed in ways other than we spent those nights.

Preconceived notions take away from what you could really take away.

I have not been sleeping well at all, and actually have not slept yet. Living the exact opposite schedule of most of society is disorienting. The sun starts creeping through my blinds and I can not help but want to see it catch the morning dew in the front lawn ablaze, but I already witnessed it draw a dusky curtain of night over everything. Sleeping is about all I can do, and when I am up—not many other people are. My weekends are merely days that I can catch up on the sleep I lose each week. The sick thing is I enjoy the days melting past me, I am learning about something that I can quite wrap words around—yet, they never are enough now, are they?

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An injunction against human trafficking facilitated by religious apathy. And the story of one brave survivor.

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